WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? This is easy… Wear solid colors, stay away from shirts with print, stripes or plaid unless the patterns are small. Wearing sleeves always looks better than going sleeveless. If you are going with the casual jeans look, you can kick off your shoes in some of your pictures. Try to keep the family in coordinating colors. Examples of good color combinations are listed below, but do not mix and match these categories within one family.

1.) Blacks and whites with pops of red (or pops of another vibrant color)

2.) Shades of blue or purple and pops of yellow.

3.) Varying shades of creams and browns

4.) Blue jeans with white shirts and/or white sun dresses.

5.) Bright, vibrant colors for young children. Hats, beads and coordinating hair accessories always make for cute photos.

6.) For a more whimsical look, try wearing loose fitting clothes. Long skirts for women and button down shirts and slacks for men. Little girls can wear loose, flowery dresses. Keep your hair simple and do not wear big hair accessories for this look.

Note: The above are just examples and there are many other color combinations that work well together. The bottom line… wear what you feel good in.

I am often asked…  AT WHAT STAGES SHOULD I SCHEDULE A PHOTO SESSION FOR MY BABY?  My advise to you is to decide first what you can afford and then make a plan to get the photos done at milestones that are significant to you. If I was forced to give you two significant milestones, that photograph well after the newborn stage, I would say that I think it is ideal to capture images of your little one when he/she is sitting up and then again when he/she turns one. Again, there may be other stages that you would like captured in a timeless image such as when your baby holds her head up or when she starts to crawl. Whatever the milestone, I have cute and precious ideas to suit every stage.

PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS: My advise is to take your flash drive of pictures to a print shop that has high quality paper.  If you have a choice between matte or glossy, choose matte. All of the pictures on your CD will be cropped to a 4×6 size unless indicated otherwise in the title of the photo. I will automatically crop some of the “money shots” into 5×7’s, 8×10’s or 11×14’s.  If you need any additional crops, on other photos, you can email me the name of the picture you would like cropped and I will email you that photo in the desired dimensions.

NEWBORNS: The best time to photograph your baby is within the first two weeks after birth.  Your baby sleeps the most in those first two weeks of life and he/she will be small enough to put into all of those cute little poses. It is best to schedule your baby’s session at a nap time and just after a feeding.  I am open to photographing your precious little one in your home so that you wont have to go anywhere and everything you will need for your baby will be handy. We can also schedule a session at my in-home studio, if you would prefer. Don’t worry so much about what your baby should wear for the photo shoot because onsies, diapers or no clothes at all make for the best photos of newborns. Things to have available… Netted hats, head bands with a flower, a special stuffed animal and/or a special blanket.

LOCATIONS: We are lucky in Phoenix… The desert makes for a fantastic backdrop.  Although it seems ideal to most, lush green grass is not the best backdrop for photos. Bright green grass can wash out the subject of interest in a photo.  So if grass is what you want, then the brown/green grass in most of the valley parks works best.  When choosing a location, we will try to avoid places with a lot of people, signs, and other bold distractions. Natural settings with trees and water features as well as alley ways and buildings with unique doors make for good photo backdrops.  I have a list of places that I can recommend, but I am always up for a new location and I am available to travel anywhere within the valley area.